A Day on the Bay

The Chesapeake Bay boasts a variety of wildlife and outdoor activities. However, with decades of abuse and a notoriously polluted past, the bay is a shadow of its old self. While the Chesapeake Bay may never completely recover to its original state, progress has been made towards repairing this resource and increasing populations of it’s native inhabitants.

Armed with a couple rods and kayaks, I met up with a friend to explore one of the numerous marshes along the bay. Rumors of red fish, stripers and speckled trout was all the motivation we needed to explore the area. Unfortunately, as is often a theme of saltwater fishing, inclement weather made it nearly impossible to find feeding fish. We managed to catch a few striper, a speck and a red before ominous clouds and thunder rolling just south of us threatened to end our day on the water. The storm stayed south of us before heading out to sea, but the change in atmospheric pressure remained and the fish seemed content on eluding our offerings for the rest of the day. The fishing was far from ideal, but fish were caught (on spinning tackle) and fun was had. We will be back.