Sawyer Mini Water Filter

This thing is cool. REALLY cool. I’m sold and here is why:

It is tiny and extremely light. When I know I will be near a creek, I don’t even bring a water bottle anymore because filtering for immediate drinking is so easy. Often with hand pumps, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to pump while managing the hoses. With the Sawyer Mini filter, I fill the squeezable bag and then find a comfortable spot to filter the water. The soft bag that comes with the filter is a little too rigid for my liking, but the filter will screw on most water bottles and is especially effective with my Platypus bladder. Seriously, the versatility of this filter is amazing. I use it mostly for hiking, but next time I visit a country with questionable tap water, it will be in my bag. It is also cheap enough to buy two if you wanted to keep one in a go bag for emergency use.


Cost: $25

Size: 1 x 5 inches

Weight: 2 ounces

Filters: up to 100,000 gallons with 99.99999% efficiency